This was a project for Iain Lovecraft’s Kickstarter for Pirates vs Cthulhu –Iain is a designer of 3dprintable terrain for tabletop games. He launches his campaigns through Kickstarter. Typically, his sets raised around $30,000 each.

He contacted me after seeing some of my comics illustration. We talked about developing a “comic strip” and illustrations to tie his miniatures and terrain all together into a story. To elevate his offering above the competition, and to help the potential customers to see this world brought to life!

The Kickstarter raised over $84,000 in one month–an increase of 280% over his previous campaigns! That was a tremendous return on investment!

So the story stops at a literal “cliff-hanger”–To be continued by the players of the game. I actually wrote a longer story (which I cut down for the space), and Nemo and the Nautilus rise up below the trapped pirates to take them on board. The rest of the castaway crew are already on board (having been rescued by the Nautilus…).

I may one day put this together as a finished story, if there is enough interest. But I am happy that it served it’s purpose in making the Kickstarter campaign a tremendous success, and helping Iain more than double his revenue.

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