This was a commission from a player of a game called Kingdom Death. The game features high quality resin miniatures. Unhappy that all of the terrain pieces were just cardboard, The client selected several examples from the game and gave me dimensions and directions of what he wanted to create his custom Kingdom Death game. All of the .STL files were designed to print on his Form 2 SLA 3D printer.



Lion Statue

Fairy Circle

Salt Statue


If you are wanting to 3dprint your own set, I have updated the designs a bit (adding some vines and weathering and other details):


You can buy a set of the updated STL files on Cults3D


  1. I’m shocked that this has been here for 5 months with zero comments. I have had KD:M since the first Kickstarter and it’s a truly amazing game. As such, you made the terrain for the expansions that was truly amazing as well. I am absolutely jealous that this exists and I don’t have the files to print as well. If one day you decide to share it with others I would definitely be interested. You nailed each and every one of those designs. Adam Poots, the game developer, would likely be proud of what you’ve done. Heck, if he was going to make terrain I would imagine that it would have happened 5+ years ago. I think he’s just thrilled the the community has become what it is and he created something that spurred this type of creativity. Again, excellent job.

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  2. These are incredible! I have a Form 2 and would very much like to print these for my games. If we can’t pay you for the files, would you post them on an open source website, such as thingverse? These would be amazing to use in conjunction with AxoloteGaming’s terrain set. (Sorry for the duplicate comment…)

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      1. have you made these files available on your patreon? I will sign up TODAY if you have. They look fantastic and I am desperate to print some expansion terrain. Please let me know


  3. I really hope you will share at least some version of these.

    I am not an expert on copyright, so I can’t really say much, but there have been multiple 3d terrains (almost replicating the art on the cardboard tiles) for Kingdom Death posted before and it doesn’t seem like there was any trouble (or at least they are still up after several years)

    However, there is one key difference – your terrain doesn’t include just some more „generic” designs (like the columns or Acanthus Plants) but also some original characters (the Tyrant on the Gate and the Lion God in the Lion God Statue). Once again, I am no expert, but I think if there was any copyright trouble, it would be with those 😦

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