I’ve been doing some 3D printing at work using a Makerbot Replicator 2 and I’m really excited by the technology. The ability for an artist or designer to create something digitally and then turn it into an actual object is a paradigm shift in manufacturing. It is something that is on my mind every day…

Zbrush is the perfect tool for this, so I’ve decided that it is something that I need to master. I exported my Animation:Master model of TAR as an .obj as well as his shield and club and, using Dynamesh, merged them into one Ztool. Then I sculpted some more detail into the body (I’m not finished yet, this is only a couple of hours work…).

There are some really cool features in this program that make me think that it might be easier to create characters from scratch in Zbrush and then export to an animation program. A lot of studios use Zbrush, so might be a better workflow for doing freelance too.

[Edit] Here is what it looks like in makerware

Tar_ThingHere is the link to the “thing” file on Thingiverse–download it and print it!


  1. Zbrush is awesome. It is so easy to use and you can retopo stuff easily for animation now. I think Hash’s greatest weakness is not being able to work well with others, especailly things like Zbrush. I decided to move to C4d because it was most like AM but stable and works with all other programs. It would speed up your workflow especially on modeling.


    1. I know a lot of former A:M users went to C4D… For me the retopo tools in Zbrush mean that it is easier to find a way to use Zbrush with A:M.
      Switching software completely is a big decision when you’ve been using it 15 years–I can’t see myself abandoning it.


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